How do we do it?
We bring the TV signal wherever you are.

At Fagor Electrónica we design, manufacture and sell electronic products always keeping in mind the needs of the telecommunications installer, and offering at the same time the best service and attention to the distributor and project prescriber. All this with the Fagor Guarantee

Project design

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From the antenna to the socket

Together we go further              

Our products take the television signal to where you are and we go with them. At Fagor Electrónica, we offer a close service, with experts who are there to assist you at all times.

Our product, our best guarantee

We are European manufacturers of 1st level products. We offer a wide range of solutions for digital and analog television. We bet on the best materials to ensure that the reception, processing and distribution of the signal is optimal. We have production plants in Europe, Mexico, Turkey and Thailand, to be able to meet the demands of our customers close to their markets.

Looking to the future with innovation

We have been in the sector for over 50 years and have a highly specialized human team, which is complemented by a modern automated production plant.

Quality, reliability, and technological innovation have positioned us as a reference brand in the market.

If you are an installer we offer you

Customized sales network at your service.

Global presence throughout the geography.

Technical training and certification of our products.

Reliable products that will make installation easier

If you are an distributor we offer you

Access to a wide range of products to make a complete and constantly updated installation.

Close commercial relationship

Training your sales teams and advising your customers

Commercial support and marketing

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