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Semiconductors created for you and your business.

Driving your energy

We ensure quality control with our products.

From start to finish

From start to finish

We perform effective designs and major product and process changes qualified to the AEC-Q101 standard.

Close to you

Close to you

We have an ongoing supplier evaluation program, including quality audits and quality agreements. In addition, our experts are always there to assist you with all your needs.

Always innovating

Always innovating

We promote continuous improvement of our products and processes. We look to tomorrow with innovation.




  • Engine controls: Ignitors
  • Security: Burglar alarms
  • Diesel ECU and Drivers fuel injectors
  • HVAC air conditioning


  • Air Conditioning: Engine Speed Control
  • Security Systems: GFCI's / ALCI's / Smoke Detectors / Intrusion Alarms / Electronic Locks.
  • Heating: Power control / Air flow control.
  • Fans: Motor Speed Control.
  • Lighting Control: Dimmers / Security Lights / Ballasts / Christmas Lights.
  • LCD Televisions: Standby / Power supply.
  • Appliances: Motor Speed Control / Actuator Control / Valve Controls / Safety Switches.
  • Portable Media Player.


  • Program Controllers: PLC Switches
  • Heaters: Switches / Phase controllers.
  • Solid State Relay: Switch
  • Gas Ignition System
  • Small Engine Ignitors
  • Proximity Switches
  • Fan & Coolers: Motor Speed Control
  • Electronic Energy Meter


  • SSD LED Lighting
  • OLED Displays for Lighting
  • Conventional lighting control equipment


  • Cell phones
  • Subscriber Line Card
  • XDSL Modem
  • XDSL Splitter


  • Scanner
  • MRI


Our universe in your hands.
We comply with the requirements for the implementation of European regulations.

Fagor Electrónica S. Coop. fulfills the requirements for the implementation of the European regulation EC 1907/2006 "REACH".

Fagor Electrónica S. Coop. as a downstream user is in contact with its suppliers to ensure that all substances concerned are registered or pre-registered in accordance with REACH requirements.

Furthermore, in accordance with Article 33 of this regulation, the company submits the corresponding notifications to its customers regarding substances of very high concern (SVHC) contained in the products, in accordance with the candidate list.

At present, Fagor Electrónica S. Coop. declares that its products and their packaging:

1. do not contain any of the substances included in the candidate list.

2. They comply with the restrictions for banned substances according to Annex XVII of the EC1907/2006 regulation.

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